Element 1 Founded in 2009 but launched in 2010, GIGI VINTAGE offers a fabulous array of the most desirable and coveted vintage clothing, footwear and accessories online!

Every last bit of our clothing and accessories range consists of genuine vintage pieces that are totally one-off and have been handpicked during trips around the world - from London to LA, Stockholm to San Diego, Berlin to Brussels, Munich to Milano… the list goes on! Each item has been carefully selected for its style, fashionability, wearability and of course, its quality. Not only that, but each piece is unique and comes with a historic story of its own, giving it far more character than any of its modern counterparts can offer…

Wearing and buying vintage is a marvellous way of recycling some of the most divine pieces from eras gone by and here at GiGi Vintage we pride ourselves in our cherry-picked range of some of the most beautiful things for you to indulge in. Our treasure chest of vintage gems features a vast selection of remarkable dresses, playsuits, tops, coats, shoes and much more – all of which is tailored to satisfy your catwalk cravings. All these original pieces continue to inspire designers, students, collectors and fashion trendsetters alike, with not only key trends being translated into our range, but often with our pieces paving the way for all you trendy fashionistas out there!

Vintage does not come without its imperfections. Often the hippest of pieces has numerous flaws, but the sheer beauty and uniqueness of it overshadows the most noticeable of defects! What makes vintage so exceptional is that it makes getting ready so much more fun…

Hate turning up to a party wearing the same item as the girl next door? Well, here at GiGi Vintage you won’t just find what the fashion doctor prescribed, but you’ll also find truly unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. What more can a girl ask for?!


What we all love about vintage shopping is often what we also hate; too much choice, jumble sale presentation, badly fitting pieces…

Well, Canadian-born vintage queen, Gurmeet Grewal has perfected the art of vintage personal shopping to bring us the very best of what’s hot, quirky and individual. Carefully selecting bits from any era between the 1920s and late ‘90s, she uses her keen eye to showcase the very best in vintage fashion and presents it beautifully so that you can sit at home, at your desk or even on the bus, and shop without having to drop!!

Experience as a footwear buyer for a selection of high profile retailers has given Gurmeet invaluable knowledge and expertise to help create a retail shopping experience that vintage fans will love. “Being an avid vintage shopper, both in the UK and around the world, I have failed to find a vintage boutique that is not only inspired by catwalk trends, but one that also sources more boutique-style pieces whilst creating a pleasant shopping experience at the same time. This is what inspired me to launch GiGi Vintage" .

The name, GiGi Vintage was inspired by Gurmeet’s name and enhanced by putting a little French twist on it; her initials being G.G. and of course drawing on the French, 'GiGi' she decided it was the perfect name for her new business venture!

Originally from the Greater London area, Gurmeet has been combing the racks for many years now. With a personal collection as vast as the size of the sweet tooth she possesses, her love for all things vintage has simply grown and grown since she was a young girl. Inspired by her mother’s wardrobe from the 1960s onwards and the beautiful vintage pieces that belonged to her late grandmother, Gurmeet has an extremely strong passion for everything ‘vintage’ and everything ‘fashion’.

In her spare time she loves a big bar of chocolate (or two), a good session of sunbathing on a hot beach somewhere exotic, a sturdy pair of killer heels at the weekend and an earful of house music whilst twirling around the dancefloor with her girl friends in tow!